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Sergiy KiykoPosition:Chairman of the Board, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Name:Sergiy Kiyko
Phone:+38 061 283-4040
Fax:+38 061 213-5987

Andrey KaterushaPosition:Deputy Chairman of the Board for Economic Security
Name:Andrey Katerusha
Phone:+38 061 283-4021
Fax:+38 061 213-5942

Maxim ZinovkinPosition:Deputy Chairman of the Board for HR
Name:Maxim Zinovkin
Phone:+38 061 283-4088
Fax:+38 061 213-5987

Nickolay MarenkovPosition:Acting Deputy Chairman of the Board – Operations Director
Name:Nickolay Marenkov
Phone:+38 061 222-34-01

Andrey DeryuginPosition:Deputy Chairman of the Board for Sales
Name:Andrey Deryugin
Phone:+38 061 283-40-07

Sergey BarabashPosition:Deputy Director for Economic and Budget Affairs
Name:Sergey Barabash
Phone:+38 061 283-40-55

Igor LogozinskyPosition:Director for Technology and Quality
Name:Igor Logozinsky
Phone:+38 061 283-40-29

Alexander ShabliyPosition:
Name:Alexander Shabliy
Phone:+38 061 283-40-79

Sergey KhizhnyakPosition:Director for Health, Safety and Environment
Name:Sergey Khizhnyak
Phone:+38 061 283-44-01

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