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Equipment - Needs - Purchase - Dneprospetsstal
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Alloying Elements
Refractories and Additional Fettling Materials
Metal Scrap
Ancillary Materials


Mechanical-Technical Equipment Department

  • Steel-making equipment, rolling-mill machinery, railroad and motor transport, chemical equipment, floor transport.
  • Machining facilities, forge-and-press machinery, building and road equipment, weighing equipment, ventilation and conditioning equipment.
  • Handling machinery, power equipment.
  • Pump-and-compressor equipment.
  • Spare parts for power, pump-and-compressor equipment, machining facilities, steel-making equipment, rolling-mill machinery.

Electrical and Control Equipment and Automatics Department

  • DC and AC crane motors and industrial electric motors.
  • Low-voltage installations.
  • High-voltage equipment, cubicles, control station boards etc.
  • Electrical and control equipment and automatics.
  • Commercial and processing equipment.
  • Cable and conducting products.
  • Equipment of computer-aided systems for process control.
  • Spare parts for low-voltage installations, high-voltage equipment, electric motors, equipment of computer-aided systems for process control.

Integral Implements Department

  • Integral implements of steel-making equipment and rolling-mill machinery.
  • Rollers for hot rolling and blocks for forging machines.

Import Purchase

  • Imported equipment and spare parts.







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