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Умови тендеру - Тендери - Закупівлі - Дніпроспецсталь
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Умови тендеру

Тендер із закупівлі у серпні 2022р. 20 тн феромолібдену марки ФМо60 (ГОСТ 4759-91) / tender for the purchase in August 2022 of 20 tons of ferromolybdenum grade FMo60 (GOST 4759-91)

Dear Sirs,

Would you be so kind as to send us your commercial quotation for the material as follows:

Ferro molybdenum, grade FeMo60

August 16, 2022

Chemical analysis:

Mo – 60.0% min Si – 1.0% max C - 0.10% max

S - 0.10% max P –0.05% max Cu – 0.50% max

Size: 10-100 mm

Delivery terms: FCA Rotterdam

Payment terms: deferred payment (preferred) / prepayment

Quantity: 20 MT.

Packing: drums or big-bags

Delivery date: August 24-30, 2022 – buyer option (FCA), If DAP, a week after these dates.

Please send your quotation on August 16, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CET) to e-mail babura.iur@dss.com.ua;

Several tender stages will follow in order to determine the final best price for the material.

The best price of every tender stage and the deadline of the next tender stage will be published on our web-site www.dss.com.ua;

In case you may decrease the price, please send your new quotation until the deadline of every tender stage.

We will come to decision as for the best offer on August 16, 2022 no later than 17:00 (CET).

best price - 36.50 USD/  kg Mo

Min. bid -   0.3 USD

next stage - 14-45 CET